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Eugenea Couture is a mother of four and a native of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. At age four, she was forced into the foster care system in southern Alberta. Her story is a powerful memoir that takes the reader through a cycle of four generations. Beginning with her great grandmother, a Metis woman, who endures the pain of her daughter, losing the custodial rights of her children. This begins a sequel as her grandchildren and great grandchildren become adults.
Without her family, Eugenea who is in the third generation, faces a fractured existence in foster care. Her biography mirrors an underworld of secrecy, abuse and violence. She desperately wants it to stop but is trapped in a broken system as she is forced to move through 11 homes. The challenges of finding good parents is nearly impossible and Eugenea  becomes a prey to multiple strangers that she is supposed to trust.
As an adult and mother, Eugenea was determined to never lose her kids as her mother and grandmother had done in the past. Over the decades, Eugenea does an extensive manhunt to find her family but it comes to a dead halt when the Government refuses to open sealed records. Her refusal to never give up and burning desire turns into countless years of fights against legislation for her sibling rights. Along the way, she reveals her life-time of silence in her memoir, “Adoption Not an Option”, and builds an unyielding power of resources to benefit others who are seeking for the birthright of their family.


“Love,  strength, and  the bonds  of  family, are  the  main  themes of  Eugenea’s moving story. This book takes an intimate look into how a broken family started putting the pieces back together; and shows others can do the same.” 

Rolf Schrader, M.A., Psychotherapist

“The longing to belong and find a sense of family, is touchingly and powerfully articulated in this book. Eugenea shines a light on the challenges faced by children in the foster care system through her own experiences.”

Rob and Tammy McCormick, Supporters of AFA
“A powerful story about losing and finding your family, Eugenea takes us along her  journey  to  reunite  with  her  loved  ones  and  reclaim  her  identity:  An inspirational book for anyone looking for lost family members or simply looking 
to reconnect with those already in their life.”
Kyle Green, Motivational Public Speaker for Mortgage Alliance

“Eugenea reveals her childhood journey in foster care. During her crusade, she moves from home to home but is determined to find her long-lost family members. As a mother of four, Eugenea has an enormous will to safeguard her children and find her roots. Her story provides a window into the emotional odyssey to reunite with the family that she loved so long ago. She looks back at her family’s tumultuous path through the generations, and shows how to move through the mistakes of the past towards a positive future.”

Don Kendall, Group Publisher, Black Press