Why is

Adoption Not An Option

     For So Many Foster Children?

  Eugenea Couture


Author, Speaker, Mentor and Advocate for Foster Care and Adoption

As a 4 year old girl going into foster care, I had no idea how this would impact my future. As I entered the gates of an orphanage and moved through several foster homes, I always hoped to return to my biological family or have the option of being adopted into a loving home. 

As a catalyst for foster children’s rights and through my own experience, it’s reasonable to express that no child wishes to remain in an orphanage, group home, foster home or any kind of institution, if there is a chance of adoption. When a child is stripped of their biological family, they are subjected to identity issues, abandonment, shame and emotional pain that is incomprehensible. These children are in the midst of a long-term trauma, which was not of their own doing but forced upon them.  Many are triggered by acute scents or sounds that tend to replay memories and bring back the faded silhouettes of their parents.

They are clinging to dreams of restoring what’s gone. Through good or bad, these children are grieving for parents that are very much alive but remain a phantom especially when visitation, letters, calls or updates are not allowed. 

For decades, foster care has grown into massive proportions for needy children and yet there are thousands of youth that have fallen victim to sexual abuse, homicide, suicide, drugs and violence while in care. Young adults are ageing out and losing their own children to the system. What has flawed the institutions, adoption agencies, foster care programs and government organizations and what can we do?

It is long overdue for former foster children and adoptees to have equal rights to their birthright. As adults, many will not be able to undo the years of betrayal and deceit that clocked the secrecy of files and sealed records in their adoption. Time is running out for thousands of former foster children who are searching for their families. Digging through archives or a handful of death certificates will not replace any parents that have died before a child was old enough to begin a search.

From the age of 4, I had a dream to find my family. Little did I know that one day, my personal triumphs in the foster care journey would navigate my experiences to become an advocate for foster and adopted children’s rights to their biological family. My extraordinary experiences share a profound message that every child is a gift to this world. My purpose is to help you and other loving parents gain the greatest insight and understanding to our future foster children. As an author, woman, and mother, I share in my words what really happens in foster care and why our future children are falling through the cracks. As an author and radio talk show host, for children’s rights, my core message is finding truth for you or anyone trying to reconnect to birthrights that originally belonged to you and is waiting to be restored. 



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