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A compelling and unforgettable film adapted from Eugenea’s memoir,¬†Adoption not an Option,¬†brings a true life story of three generations of mothers in a harrowing battle to find their children. In the outcome an Orphaned, four year old Eugenea and her sibling, Josh enter into foster care but a few weeks later, Eugenea is taken away to live across the street where both families will not allow the children to see or speak to each other. From the ledge of her window, Eugenea looks out to see Josh’s house sparkling with Christmas lights. Josh is building a snowman when he suddenly looks up. Across the road in a dark window, he sees his little sister in tears. For a brief heartbreaking moment their eyes meet. It will be the last time as Eugenea is whisked away and forced to move across the miles, to another city and begin a new life without Josh. Later, as a woman, Eugenea can not erase the window from her mind and she is determined to find her family. As time passes into years, she fights against the foster care system when they refuse to give her any information. The obstacles never seem to end but a strong willed Eugenea is determined to uncover her roots, identity and find Josh, the only brother she has.