Why Is Adoption Not An Option For So Many Foster Children…AND WHY SHOULD IT MATTER?

Despite the best intentions, there is little justice toward foster children who are dragging through the system with no hope of returning to their families or being adopted. They are subjected to incomprehensible emotional pain due to abandonment, fear and the loss of identity. These kids are in the midst of a long-term trauma that is triggered by acute scents and sounds that replay memories of the past. They silently cling to dreams of restoring the faded images of parents and siblings. Most are grieving for family that are very much alive but remain a phantom especially when visitation or calls are not permitted. I know in my gut and my own experience, it’s reasonable to say that no child wants a life in foster care if there's a chance to return home or be adopted.

Why should this matter?

Foster care has risen extensively, costing tax payers an exuberant amount of money and yet thousands of these children become a victim to sexual abuse, brutality and suicide. Every time a child moves in the system, they are at a greater risk of harm. Sadly, young adults are ageing out and losing their own children to the system. Many turn to drugs, crime, homelessness that ultimately results in more funding for rehabilitation, court cases, incarcerations and an endless list of programs to reform.

Time is running out for thousands of former foster children who are searching for their families. It is long overdue for former foster children/adoptees to have equal rights to their birthright. Digging through archives or death certificates will not replace parents that have died before a child was old enough to begin a search.
As an author, mother and former child of the system, "Adoption Not an Option" is my educational tool to what really happens to our kids in care.

It's Never too Late to Make a Change!

Today I work as a Radio talk show co-host for NAASCA.org/forourkids, where compassion and communities come together. This is an incredibly opportunity for you or anyone to advocate and make a difference. If you would like to know more or want to be involved, click on the link below and become a voice for children who can not speak for themselves.

Unexplained siblings lost for decades.


“Love,  strength, and  the bonds  of  family, are  the  main  themes of  Eugenea’s moving story. This book takes an intimate look into how a broken family started putting the pieces back together; and shows others can do the same.” 

Rolf Schrader, M.A., Psychotherapist

“The longing to belong and find a sense of family, is touchingly and powerfully articulated in this book. Eugenea shines a light on the challenges faced by children in the foster care system through her own experiences.”

Rob and Tammy McCormick, Supporters of AFA
“A powerful story about losing and finding your family, Eugenea takes us along her  journey  to  reunite  with  her  loved  ones  and  reclaim  her  identity:  An inspirational book for anyone looking for lost family members or simply looking 
to reconnect with those already in their life.”
Kyle Green, Motivational Public Speaker for Mortgage Alliance

“Eugenea reveals her childhood journey in foster care. During her crusade, she moves from home to home but is determined to find her long-lost family members. As a mother of four, Eugenea has an enormous will to safeguard her children and find her roots. Her story provides a window into the emotional odyssey to reunite with the family that she loved so long ago. She looks back at her family’s tumultuous path through the generations, and shows how to move through the mistakes of the past towards a positive future.”

Don Kendall, Group Publisher, Black Press