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Eugenea’s Story -A compelling and unforgettable film adapted from Eugenea Couture’s memoir.  Adoption not an Option, brings a true life story about three generations of mothers in a harrowing battle to find their missing children. In the outcome two orphaned children, four year old Eugenea and her big brother, Josh enter into the foster care system. A year later, Eugenea is forced to begin a new life without her brother when she moves 135 miles away. Later, as a mother of four, Eugenea can not erase her family from her mind. She is determined to find her brother but the foster care system refuses to help her reconnect when  Josh was adopted as a child and given a new name. Eugenea fights the system to undo Josh’s records that are sealed  forever. Strong-willed, Eugenea is determined to pursue every possible lead as she battles the ministry to uncover her roots, re-new her own identity and find Josh, the only brother she has.