Father or Dad?

I wanted to share a special message to Foster Dads who love and care for children in their home.

There are fathers who love foster children and adopted children the same way they love their own biological children. To me, it is very rare but a foster father is a dad when he is able to say I love you. Out of all the fathers I had, only one could hug me and say he was proud of me and to this day, refers to me as one of his daughters. This year Father’s Day was very tough for my foster dad when his adult daughter was buried the day before. Within a week his grandson passed away unexpectedly after a brief illness. The impact of personal heartache and loss, never took away his ability to help others find optimism in the darkest times. Today and every day he is a father and a dad who continues to strengthen the lives and hearts of his family and friends. He is a man I respect, admire and love.

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