Foster Children Should Laugh, Love & Live like Normal Kids

Foster children that are relinquished and forced to live in foster care have been taken away from their biological parents because of some kind of neglect, abuse or problems. Both the trauma of losing family and being forced to live in foster care will add a significant amount of problems that result in emotional pain to a child.
It would not surprise me if 90% of Foster kids suffered from PTSD and went undiagnosed throughout their childhood, maybe even their entire life. This early onset of trauma makes it extremely difficult  for a foster child to feel at home with a foster family.
The moving from home to home is humiliating, shameful and heartbreaking to a child. Every time a child moves, they lose hope and they don’t trust the people who are making these hopeless decisions that are out of their control.
Every move causes more trauma and this deteriorates a foster child’s self-esteem and self-worth. For most foster kids, this will bring behavioural problems at some point.
Foster children just want to laugh, love and live like normal kids but they are dumped by the system into group homes, orphanages and moved from one place to the next. They don’t have a family. After years of not seeing their family, a child wants to be adopted so they will not have to move over and over with no hope of feeling love or belonging.