From Book to Script

I’ve been sitting in front of my computer all evening as I go over the script to add new scenes. It’s my time to relax and get deep into the writing which is fun and hard at the same time. Writing is re-living these captivating moments that, unlike my book can be challenging to fit in a 120 minute film.
It feels like my writing has changed so much because my story is so different as a script. A book has a lot more room to visualize scenes and write details that provide unique characters, deep plots, but a script is limited by a tighter format, less dialogue, more action and shorter timeline.
To add a little imagery and real-life perception, I am also working on a Character analysis to describe personality, style, and behaviour. I really believe this will build a better insight for actors playing these roles. The script will have many characters although some will have a smaller role or scene. Next I will develop the scene settings with details on location, time-frame and weather to improve the visual experience for the viewer.
I love going to movies and watching how the movie was shot and made into a story that captivates an audience for 90-120 minutes. It’s so fascinating and I’m so grateful to be on this path where a story can come to life through the lens of a camera and transcend to a screen.