On the Mic

Last summer I had the opportunity to attend a voiceover class where I could listen and watch a group of actors honing their talents on the mic. It’s quite a skill to master. I had never really thought much about doing voiceover until I was deep into the writing and wanted my character to convey certain points in the script.

For me, the studio turned out to be a resourceful connection where I met actors trying to get a name by building a career in commercials and roles for movies. To my delight, I was encouraged to give the mic a try.

“I’m no actor”, I argued but the group would have no part of that so I took the challenge and entered the sound room where I attempted to put on the head phones (backwards)and read an insurance ad for a commercial. Like I said, I’m no actress but an amazing pro on the other side of the glass window was not taking no for an answer so after 3 tries I got it. Not bad! I could totally relate to the emotion and the character just seemed to come to life. Having said that, I know it’s hard work, years of training and practise, practise, practise…

Still fun tho!!!