Seen but not Heard


Millions of foster children need our voices and support. Most can not speak for themselves due to the fact that they are too young or afraid. As a community and country, we are their only chance for hope and survival.
In foster care, many children do not have regular safety checks by their Social Workers or drop-in (unannounced) visits to avoid staged visits or cover ups. It’s a huge oversight and terrible injustice for children to be placed in overcrowded foster homes. There is not enough social workers to intervene and secure protection.
Foster care belies on the assumption of the title, “In the Best Interest of the Child” but in reality it shows minimal progress as most children fall through the cracks before adolescence. It may seem unimaginable but there are children sleeping in social worker’s offices or housed in hotels with no guardian. There are unscreened foster parents getting paid for taking in children. The latest to emerge on the news is reports of regulated foster parents with a criminal background of violence or sexual charges. It is a reality that many have passed the screenings and training courses yet they abuse with verbal,emotional, physical and sexual behaviour.
In today’s world it takes more than a village to raise a child, it takes strong advocates who bravely protect these children with their endless love and devotion.