This is a great book.Fast moving ,full of human emotions. This is one I will read again.”

By La Raine Kingsbury


“Reading “Adoption Not an Option”, really made me aware of how families are treated in “the foster care system”. This story is very moving, the author tells the story as if she is sitting at your table talking to you personally. The book is from her heart, it tells about the power of family, and what family means or should mean to all. Her search to find her family and reconnect with them and the terrible hardships she endured within the foster care child system, is something we need to know. The author’s goal in writing this book was to help other children who may be caught in the foster care system now, or adults that have been in the system.”

By MMS123


“A great read, couldn’t put it down. A real eye opener of how youth view the social system and what can go wrong when we don’t involve or take the time to assess at risk youth. If your involved in social work this is a must read. If your a caring mom or dad, a great read.”

By Thomas Lewis


“A heartfelt page turner! Eugenea’s beautiful spirit shines through her writing. I journeyed along with Eugenea and felt every emotion reading this well written evocative account of her true life in the fractured foster care system and her hopes of a better life. Highly recommend this as the must read book of the season!”

By Jennifer K – Windsor


“Eugenea has opened up our hearts to her life with such informative and realization on Foster Care.

and the hopes and dreams to finding her family.”

By Heather Green


“Not unlike talking to Gina in person, this book is full of heart, the story is compelling, the struggles Gina faced are not unique to her when it comes to foster care unfortunately.”



“Gina is my aunty! I’m so proud of her and can’t wait for my book to arrive!!! Love you aunty xoxoxo.” Pam.



“An exeptonal story of a family separated by the flawed adoptive system and the poinient search for healing through reuniting them after many years apart. i could not put it down as the auther draws you into thesurcumstances that tear apart of their family.”

By Al Friesen