Demo Reels and Auditions is a Family Affair

Ok, I’m just going to put this out there. So I met this amazing young lady…well girl, she’s 12 but so mature. Anyway I know there’s tons of cute kids out there with wonderful talent in the acting department. It’s quite a gift for children and youth to be able to mimic a natural connection to a character in a script. That’s amazing!!  Well it turns out this young girl  impressed me with her acting qualities but more than that, her infectious love of life.  She’s got talent coming from every pore, I swear!! Bonus, she looks so much like me as a kid but of course she’s well put together and I’m kind of this geeky messy -bed head kid with no sense of style.

It’s incredible to me how many elements are involved in putting a child in film. Demo Reels and auditions, training, workshops and classes are truly a family affair. Every child needs to have the support of every family member because it’s a tough road especially in the beginning when there’s lessons, practise and the ongoing struggle to get acting parts. I have no doubt that every success comes with a lot of gruelling auditions that consist of long waits and tons of other kids just as eager to become a prodigy. When I view an audition, it’s important to me that an actor has the talent, training and performance to convince an audience that she or he is the character in the story.
I know that Résumés, Demo reels  and auditions are great professional tools for casting directors to see what kind of training, talents and skills are there. When I go to see a movie, I am always inspired by the children and how they bring a character to life with their ability to act the part with such confidence that it’s totally believable .